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8 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Suaad, sorry if this is an inappropriate place to post this, but I think it’s really great that Gliss 3x keratin shampoo smells bad. That adds to the value of the product, because it means the manufacturers did not put hair-destroying chemicals into it to make it smell better. It is unfortunately a fact that all food/product coloring and odoring compounds are made up of harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, manufacturers ALWAYS put these harmful chemicals into our shampoos to make them smell better, which is bad news for our hair. I wish more manufacturers would follow Gliss’ example and create shampoos that smell bad because that’s how hair nutrition smells! I would also prefer to have shampoo that looks ugly, rather than “pretty” shampoo filled with harmful colorants.

  2. Hi S! Just a quick question about the Oxygen theme, are you able to change your front page to show full posts instead of shortened with the thumbnail? I’d like to change but too scared!

  3. Salaam Suaad
    Trust you are well.
    I have misplaced your cell number. I would like to offer you a business proposition.
    Could you please call me on 082 2020 738 / 021 509-5757 (w) or provide me with your contact numbers?

    This is quite urgent – thanks.

    Salaam Shahida

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