Model Look Book: Beatrix

This shoot happened towards the end of 2013 and what a fun day it was. Beatrix is one of the lovliest, craziest, earth-mother type of person that I’ve met and shooting her was a dream. We had SUCH a lekker laugh all day, it was like reconnecting with an old friend that I haven’t seen in forever.

I kept the makeup VERY simple. Beatrix is such a natural beauty that it seemed almost wrong to apply too much product but at the end of the shoot, it was agreed to do a look a bit more vampy with a lot more oomph and I think it was very successful.

Bea 2013-11-29 009b (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 157 (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 104 (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 219 (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 198B (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 317 (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 451 (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 471 (Large)

Bea 2013-11-29 382 (Large)

Suaad xoxo



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