Makeup Haul!

This post is definitely delayed in it’s acquaintanceship with the beautyblog world. Yes, I tweeted and Facebooked a pic of the lovely goodies I picked up but it is here, on the blog, that I’ll give a breakdown on the  fab products that I picked up (and for dirt cheap too!).

One of my ex MAC colleagues mailed me about a makeup sale happening and seeing the words “Smashbox” and “Stila” I was hooked. Add the words “makeup sale” and “ridiculous pricing” and well, I was foaming at the mouth. Not the prettiest image but hey.

The sale was awesome and while makeup was in abundance, there were tons of skin care products on sale as well. While I didn’t pick up any (because I went with a goal in mind and didn’t want to leave completely broke) I stuck to the shopping plan. I use the word “stuck” pretty loosely because I nearly lost my mind in there haha. Perhaps an unnecessary purchase or two was made but hey, I’ll find a use for them.

IMG_0254 (Large)

IMG_0258 (Large)

IMG_0259 (Large)

IMG_0260 (Large)

Breakdown (by brand):

Model Co.

2x Tan airbrush in a Can.

2x One Night Tan mousse.

4x FluidSplash 3 in 1 Foundation in Urchin, Dune, Sun and Tan.


1x Written in the Stars eye shadow palette.

1x All you need is love cheek palette.


2x Cream Eye Liner in Picasso and Midnight Purple.

3x Jet Set waterproof eye liner in Bronze, Navy Blue and Midnight Purple.

3x Lip Tech in Nude, Peony and Sangria.

1x Cream Cheek trio in Be Discovered.

Yves Rocher

5x Intense Colour Gloss in Orange Laterite, Ocre Nude, Brun Grenat, Rose Des Sables and Volne Quartz.

4x Moisturizing Creme Lipstick in Mauve Pensee, Beige Gingembre, Rose Fuschia and Petite Mauve.

I’ve already started playing around with the products and I’m well pleased with my purchase. It makes me even more excited to do makeup and play around with ideas!

Suaad xoxo