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While I don’t blog about fashion, I really felt compelled to share the event I went to last weekend: Style Society pop up boutique. Yes, the major draw card was the fact that one of my besties, Aneeqah (whose work I’ve shown on this blog before), was showing her new line and subsequently scored some media passes for me. Yay! Seeing as one of the requirements for the event was a live model, naturally I was enlisted to do said hair and makeup and I don’t complain about that 🙂

The pop-up boutique was held at the Victoria & Alfred Hotel at the V&A Waterfront (I bet you can guess what the “V&A” stands for) and tickets were sold online. The fact that it was a completely sold out affair lends credence to how sought after the fashion was going to be. Estee Lauder had a stand set up to give touch up makeovers to anyone interested as well as a host of haute Lauder products to purchase (with the ability to buy on your Edgars account nogal). the fashion ranged from jewellery to swimwear to uber chic, Parisian inspired garb. I even managed to pick up a bunch of hijabs from the lovely ladies at The Red Chamber stand.

The event was vibey and upbeat with ladies oohing and aahing over the fashion. I managed to take my camera with (obviously) and was able to capture some of the moments. I do hope you enjoy them 🙂

The Phi Casa team in their pre-game meeting.

The Phi Casa team in their pre-game meeting.

IMG_0091 (Large)

IMG_0096 (Large)

Having a chat with the LOVELY head designer from Madi

Having a chat with the LOVELY head designer from Madi

IMG_0114 (Large)

Game face: ON!

IMG_0110 (Large)



IMG_0124 (Large)

Phi Casa up close

Phi Casa up close

IMG_0116 (Large)

Gift bags for the first 500

Gift bags for the first 500

IMG_0109 (Large)

IMG_0103 (Large)

IMG_0097 (Large)

IMG_0100 (Large)

IMG_0204 (Large)

IMG_0203 (Large)

IMG_0199 (Large)

Gorgeous bags were to be found at Rock & Herr

IMG_0187 (Large)

IMG_0136 (Large)

IMG_0133 (Large)

IMG_0131 (Large)

IMG_0236 (Large)

Live mannequins

Live mannequins

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IMG_0228 (Large)

IMG_0227 (Large)

IMG_0225 (Large)

Love the moodboards to set the tone of the jewellery

Love the moodboards to set the tone of the jewellery

IMG_0210 (Large)

IMG_0208 (Large)

IMG_0149 (Large)

IMG_0147 (Large)

IMG_0144 (Large)

IMG_0137 (Large) IMG_0138 (Large) IMG_0142 (Large) IMG_0139 (Large)

IMG_0145 (Large)

IMG_0146 (Large)

IMG_0150 (Large)

Yes, I bought scarves :D

Yes, I bought scarves 😀

IMG_0156 (Large)

IMG_0173 (Large)

IMG_0174 (Large)

IMG_0169 (Large)

IMG_0168 (Large)

IMG_0170 (Large)

IMG_0226 (Large)

IMG_0222 (Large)

IMG_0220 (Large)

IMG_0219 (Large)

Makeovers from Estee Lauder staff

Makeovers from Estee Lauder staff

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IMG_0200 (Large)

IMG_0194 (Large)

IMG_0192 (Large)

IMG_0185 (Large)

Aneeqah (right) with her model, Anthea (left)

IMG_0183 (Large)

IMG_0164 (Large)

IMG_0163 (Large)

IMG_0161 (Large)

IMG_0160 (Large)

IMG_0159 (Large)

IMG_0158 (Large)

IMG_0156 (Large)

All-in-all, this was a really fun event and while I left early (at 12 because of having to see clients) I could gather that from the type of start the event had, that it would get even better later on. I do hope that all stall holders had an excellent trading day.

Check out Style Society’s site for stylish news.

Suaad xoxo

Were you at this years Style Society event or have you been to one in the past? Let me know in the comments!