Want To Be A Makeup Artist? Introducing: The Makeup Academy!

Hi everyone!

It’s so good to be back! I’ve missed my blog and my readers and I hope you’ve all been wonderful and doing wonderful things! In case you’ve wondered where on earth I’ve disappeared to, well, I’ve started a new job with 2 of my friends and I’m about to share that news with you guys!

My good old friend Megan contacted me a little while ago asking if I would like to head up the online version of her makeup school and naturally I jumped at the chance! the school started 3 months ago but we’re planning on expanding pretty soon inshaa-Allah. you can check out The Makeup Academy’s Facebook Page to see what the students get up to 🙂 480977_67701909

If makeup artistry is your thing and you’ve always had the secret desire to be an artist of makeup ,why not check out the course? The Online school is not running yet but do check out the school in Durbanville. It’s a real cute location which you can see on the website 🙂

If you’re keen or know of anyone who’s keen to study for 3 months in a course that promotes excellence and nurtures creativity and art, drop Megan a mail at meagn@themakeupacademy.co.za

Please note that these classes are only available to those residing in the Western Cape, South Africa (until our online course is launched)

Make up Academy


Pro-Advanced Make up course      full time 2 month course . Mon-Thur 9am-12am or part-time Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6pm-9pm over 3 months               R7500

Module 1: How to start an application, Product knowledge and learning what tools to use

  • How to begin an application
  • Maintaining hygiene throughout application
  • Assessing clients wants and needs
  • Learning to use the necessary tools and application pressure
  • How to correctly cleanse tools and products before and after use
  • Most effective way to pack your kit and ensuring all essentials are included
  • Product knowledge

Module 2: Learning to work with different skin types and foundations

  • Assessing what type of skin your client has i.e dry, oily, combination etc
  • Assessing the undertone of your clients skin
  • Colour matching and foundation types
  • Priming and finishing products to ensure a long lastion application

Module 3: face shapes and contouring

  • Learning all the different faceshapes and the best ways to apply make yp to soften features
  • How to contour the nose
  • Highlighting around the face to bring out features
  • Placement of bronzers and blushers on the face with regards to face shapes
  • Choosing the correct tones of blusher for a certain skin tone

Module 4: eyebrows

  • Eyebrow tweezing and finding the correct shape
  • Different products and ways to fill in the eyebrows

Module 5: colour theory

  • Theory on the colour wheel, learning what primary ,complimentary and tertiary colours are.
  • Identifying what colours work well together
  • Learning what colours can be used to enhance features
  • Learning how to intensify colour and tone colours down to create a unified look.

Module 6: Eye shapes, eye make up application and application of lashes

  • Eye shapes and corrective eye shape methods
  • Different eye make up products that can be used to create a variety of different looks.
  • Learning about different product textures and the different age groups they apply to.
  • Eyelining products and different techniques to use them
  • Mascara application and how to create different types of lashes
  • How to correctly apply false lashes

Module 7:Lips

  • Lip care and products
  • Lips shapes and corrective techniques
  • Product knowledge on all different lip products and textures
  • How to ensure a long lasting lip application

Module 8: Day, Evening, Glamour and event Make up

  • Natural day make up application
  • How to quickly convert day into evening make up
  • Natural evening make up application.
  • Creating a smokey eye with neutral or colourful eye make up
  • Event appropriate make up
  • Glamour make up

Module 9: Mature skin

  • Best products to use on mature skin
  • How ro work on mature eyes
  • How to create a more youthful appearance to mature skin

Module 10: Bridal make up

  • Bridal make up application
  • bridesmaid make up application
  • Flower girl (children) make up
  • timing and etiquette

Module 11: Dark skin tones

  • best tones to use on darker skin tones
  • how to cover ashy areas of darker skin tones

Module 12 Fashion make up

  • Fashion trend make up and ensuring you are at all times up to date
  • High fashion make up applications
  • Runway make up applications
  • Editorial make up applications
  • Learning the different types of fashion looks i.e nude, bold, colour and how they apply to the world of fashion

Module 13 Creative make up looks

  • This module is when we ask our students to tap into their creative sides and create a look. We help them to refine and tweak their looks to create a better understanding between art and make up.
  • Avante garde inspired looks

Module 14: Make up though the ages

  • Period make up .
  • Theatrical and themed make up such as Egyption, oriental and geisha make up.

Module 15: male make up

  • Male grooming
  • Fashion male make up for runway
  • Male make up for photoshoots

Module 16 Camouflage make up

  • How to cover tattoos
  • How to cover birthmarks
  • How to cover skin disorders

Module 17: Halloween Make up

  • How to create a zombie face using regular beauty make up
  • How to create an open wound and bruising using regular beauty make up

Module 18: Advanced Make up techniques

  • The different type of make up needed for different types of photography
  • How to create the ‘dewy skin’ effect
  • How to use and apply liquid and high shimmer body products
  • Location shoots ( we will take the students to 2 different locations to experience the challenges of working out of studio)
  • Studio shoots and what to do.

Module 20  Industry knowledge and how to be professional

  • How calltimes work and time management
  • Working with different types of clients (regular ,high profile or famous clients)
  • Working backstage at a fashion show
  • Test shoots with agencies
  • Knowing when do do touch ups
  • Working with industry professionals i.e photographers, videographers, agencies, stylists, clients
  • How to work backstage at a fashion show
  • How to work in a stressful inviroment
  • How to solve problems remain calm and deal with irate people
  • How to maintain professionalism to ensure future bookings

Module 21 Make up artists financing

  • Job pricing
  • Advertising yourself
  • Maintenance of stock in your kit and how to economically use your products

Syllabus compiled by Megan Grant  Make up Academy lecturer

For any further information or questions that you may have on our available courses contact megan@themakeupacademy.co.za

Suaad xoxo