How To Do A Really Clean Makeup

Clean makeup is something we see in makeup trends time and time again and it can be the hardest look to perfect but I’m going to teach you some super simple ways to pull off a really clean, runway worthy face.

Makeup by me. Phot by Kass Photography

Makeup by me. Photo by Kass Photography

How To:

  1. Prep the skin by exfoliating to brighten the face (and allow makeup to apply smoothly)
  2. Massage moisturiser into the skin to create a beautifully plump and hydrated canvas.
  3. Apply a medium coverage foundation to the skin (or a BB/CC cream if you prefer) using a foundation brush of your choice (I used a MAC #188 stippling brush). You can also use a Beauty Blender or like product.
  4. Apply concealer to any problem areas (beneath the eyes or on pigmentation or spots) using a fine tipped brush or your fingers. I used a pot concealer that I applied with my ring finger and buffed it out with a fluffy eye shadow brush. Don’t forget to apply concealer lightly to your eye lids to neutralise any colour.
  5. Dust a light layer of translucent powder over the face to mattify excess shine and to set the foundation and concealer products. The powder used in the shot above is MAC’s Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.
  6. Using an eggshell colour eyeshadow (in a satin texture) apply the shadow onto the lids concentrating on the ball of the eye. I used a flat, dome headed shadow brush to do this. If your skin is darker, use a colour closely matching your skin.
  7. Contour to outer corner of the eyes using a light, neutral brown to softly sculpt and shape the eyes. I used a fluffy shadow brush to do this.
  8. Using a neutral brown eyeliner, fill in the gaps in between the eyelashes to create fullness and intensify the look.
  9. Using a pearlized cream colour pencil, line the waterline (the “wet” part of the eyes).
  10. Apply 1 coat of volumizing and lengthening mascara and brush through well to remove any clumping.
  11. Fill in the brows using a soft, matte eyeshadow and buff the shadow to create a softer, more demure brow.
  12. Using a peach blush, apply it to the apples of the cheeks, using a light hand to gradually build colour. Apply the blush in circular (or even cross hatching) motions.
  13. Highlight the skin using a frosted, light eyeshadow. Don’t forget to highlight above the lips to create a fuller looking pout and use a light touch when doing so.
  14. Make sure the lips are properly exfoliated and hydrated with lip balm.
  15. Lightly line the lips with a skin tone lip liner and apply a pink-brown, neutral lipstick (in a gloss texture) to the lips using your finger.


TIP: swap the neutral lipstick for a bold colour of your choice!

Yes, there are quite a few steps and it may get a bit confusing but I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible.  Do try this look out and let me know how it goes!

Suaad xoxo