Make Those Peepers Pop! Makeup For Every Eye Colour

At times the beauty isle can seem like an episode of The Cube and we may very well be wearing the proverbial blind fold as we try to find the best beauty


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products that will [insert desired effect here]. One of the most common beauty questions is “How can I make my eyes stand out?” and this can be done in a variety of ways but have you ever looked at your eye colour and thought “I’d like to make these baby-blues look even more fantastic”? Turns out, it’s pretty simple to do this and all it takes is basic knowledge of colour theory (do click the link as the website has some awesome and useful info about colour and how it relates to, well, everything).

The basic theory of colour is that certain colours compliment one another. When placed next to each other, they really pop. The complimentary colours are Red and Green. Blue and Orange. Yellow and Purple. Think about seeing a red ball on green grass. The colours look quite intense next to each other and that’s because they compliment one another. This same theory is used throughout makeup (and art of all kinds) and can apply to putting your eyeshadow on.

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes (Photo credit: Elisa R Baralt)

The most mysterious of eye colours. Wearing shadow colours like grey, black, navy and blue or neutral chocolate brown really cause those browns to sparkle. You can also wear colours like chocolate brown (with a red or pink-brown base), grey-browns, burgundy or eggplant. Try these colours in their pale versions as well such as mauve, light-pinks and peach. If your skin is not too sallow, gold will highlight brown eyes as well. Eye liner colours to covet are grey, black, navy, chocolate brown, burgundy and eggplant with mascara colours being the same.

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes 2

Blue Eyes 2 (Photo credit: Antropsicosociopatologico)

One of the most coveted of eye colours, thank the recessive gene for that πŸ˜‰ Blue eyed babes should try shadows colours in brown-pink, beige-pink, peachy-pink, neutral mauve, greys, navy turquoise, black and browns. Browns really make blue eyes come to life in a way you wouldn’t expect. Liner options come in grey, black, brown, navy, bronze and dark purple with mascara options in black, brown, navy, burgundy and purple.

Green and Hazel Eyes

green eyes

green eyes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green eyed girls should shop for eye popping colours in peach, light-pink, muted pink, mauve and purples, bronze-green, grey-green, brown-green, caramel, khaki, gold, green-gold, any browns, grey, bronze and red-bronze.

If you have an olive complexion try shadows in navy blues, slate greys, mauve-greys bright mauves, pinks, black and eggplant.

Green and Hazel eyed women should wear eye liner in navy, deep purple, black, grey, gold, brown and bronze. Opt for mascara in navy, black, purple and dark brown.

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