Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Makeup Mistakes To AvoidWe’re all guilty of makeup mistakes (myself included), some mistakes being more ghastly (and hilarious) than others. This is your guide on what to avoid so do read through (and laugh at our joint follies). May we never make anther makeup mistake again!

Mismatched Foundation

Culprit numero uno in our roundup. I see this mistake sooo often (even my husband can tell me when someones foundation is the wrong colour, lol) and it’s their foundation is too light or it’s too dark. There are 2 ways to rectify this. Decide which part of your body you want to match your foundation up to. I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s matched up only to your neck or only to your body, well I’m telling you that the choice is yours. If you match your foundation colour to your body then please do apply bronzing powder to your neck so that you are uniform. If you match foundation to your neck (the naturally palest part of your body) then do a light dusting of bronzer around the edges of your face and neck to warm up your complexion and that it doesn’t look like a floating ghost head above your body.

The Obvious Lip Liner (of death)

This one really grates me and it’s a makeup foible found in my own family (try as I might with “gentle” advise, it goes unnoticed *sigh*). I am a fan of liner and I believe you can own one lipstick and 5 different liners and thus end up with a variety of different lipstick colours (if you just mix and match) but if you’re wearing dark liner and a lighter lipstick, honey, I should shake you. Please stop doing this. It is not attractive and it’s really aging. I’ll admit, this is a mistake I made but hey, I was 12 years old and it was the 90’s. If you want to wear lip liner, do match it to your lipstick or opt for a colour that naturally mimics your natural lip colour and use that to shape your lips.

Streaky Blush

Who doesn’t love a bit of blush? It enlivens the face and adds a wonderful youthful look to the skin but if you’re going at it all heavy handed and perhaps have not used the best type of brush, chances are you’ve run the risk of Streaky Blush. Streaky Blush is a phenomenon that occurs when a beauty babe has been using a brush that is slightly damp or applied blush to skin that has not been lightly powdered. Streaky Blush will strike when the powder blush “grabs” onto the foundation (or the wet brush) resulting in an unsightly finish. Do not let Streaky Blush happen to you. A good tip to remember is to work from wet to dry and to build colour intensity.

Wearing War Paint

Makeup should be a joy to apply and it can be quite exciting when the look you’ve envisioned is coming to life and it is in that moment that the excitement becomes too much you end up wearing war paint and your makeup starts wearing you. Hands up if you’ve ever fallen prey to your own over zealousness? I’ll put mine up first if it helps. Makeup should enhance what we have naturally and can act as a “cheat” for the things we feel we may be lacking in. That being said, it’s not for us to fall face in to and when we emerge; that’s what we wear when we leave the house. I have nothing against bold colour choices but it should be reigned in just a tad. Pick a feature, any feature and run with it. Just do it one at a time.

Raccoon Eyes

Another pet peeve of mine. Concealer can be magic if done correctly and yes it has many functions other than simply “covering” but if you’ve chosen to wear a lighter concealer please, for Pete’s Sake, don’t wear it more than 2 shades lighter. Sometimes 2 shades can be a bit much but it is the general consensus. Kimmy K’s makeup artist, Mario, does the lighter concealer trick to a T and the result is beautiful. When applying your concealer, use your ring finger and apply it to the skin. The heat from your fingers will “melt” the concealer slightly and allow it to be more malleable thus giving you more control. This is especially helpful for those of us who like to use pot concealers which are more pigmented and heavier in texture.

Getting Tweezer Happy

The over plucked eyebrows of generations past can still be seen walking the streets of today and thankfully we have beauty style icons, like “It” girl Cara Delevinge, to look to for Beautiful Brow inspiration. If you’ve been a bit OCD on the plucking try filling in your brows with a brow powder on brow pencil. Opt for a shade 1-2 shades lighter than your own hair colour. If you’re choosing the pencil route do buy the correct product. A brow pencil has a waxier texture than an eye liner and it won’t smudge. And please stay away from black brows. It’s not natural looking and when buying brow products, look for products that have ashy or yellow undertones and try to stay away from red undertones.

Sleepy Time (And You Haven’t Removed Your Makeup)

(16/365) It doesn't matter if you try and try ...

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Tut Tut, naughty beauty babe. Sleeping with makeup on is a serious offence. I know we all have days when we’re just too exhausted to do the whole night time beauty shpeel but at least use some wipes. You’ll be removing the excess so you won’t have to worry too much about all that dirt and makeup blocking up your pores not to mention it getting on your pillow case that you’re going to sleep on night after night. Catch my drift? Clogged pores means that your skin won’t be releasing sebum which releases dead skin cells and other skin irritants and when sebum isn’t released it will build up resulting in acne, skin irritations or infections. Not cool. Please wash your face. Your skin will thank you.

Lipstick On Sahara Dry Lips

You’ve just bought a fabulous new shade of lipstick and it’s everything you’ve wanted in a lipstick and more. You’ve got a hot date and your new lippie is just the shade to boost your confidence, you’ve applied it and notice that it looks patchy and flaky, oh no! Chances are your lips are dry and chapped and the lipstick is grabbing onto the flaky skin. No matter how moisturising a lipstick is, you will notice chapped lips. To reduce the effect of Sahara Dry Lips make sure that you’re drinking enough water. A hydrated body means your skin is plumper and more youthful looking and makeup will apply like a dream. To get rid of excess flakiness in a pinch, use and old toothbrush and apply lip balm to soothe and hydrate. you can even make your own yummy lip scrub.

That’s it (for now) ladies. What makeup mistakes have you made in the past and what were the results? Were they hilarious or hideous? Do share in the comments!

Suaad xoxo

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  1. Thanks for this awesome post. Really helpful for a make up lover like me. I confess… I’m guilty of quite a few of these “make up crimes”😊
    Please do a post on how to cover up acne scars and marks. Also, please recommend a “husband proof”, waterproof, smudge resistant, long lasting foundation ( phewπŸ˜‰).
    Thank you
    Looking forward to your response

    • Your welcome Leya πŸ™‚ Haha, you don’t have to remain guilty for long because now you know πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the suggestion! I will do that. Acne scars and marks are the very thing I suffer from as well. Lol @ your foundation requirements! It’s hectic how we need our beauty products to REALLY be in it for the long haul πŸ™‚ Geurlain do a foundation Parure Extreme Foundation which is a good buy. It really SETS on your face and is waterproof (you’ll need an oil based cleanser to remove it). And as you’ve requested a post on acne scarring and such, this foundation has really great coverage as well (almost like Lauder’s Double Wear but more natural looking). I hope this helped sweetie! πŸ˜€

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