Hijab Look post #5

At some point in a Hijabi’s life she’s been utterly stumped when it comes to tying her hijab. In Cape Town we sometimes refer to it as a doekie but that word has kind of a bad connotation just by the fact that younger hijabi’s consider doekies something the older generation wear. Since there is now an influx of hijab styles from all over the globe, the modern day hijabi need not feel so lost. As @PollyandSuki tweeted to me last week ” Doekie-affairs in CPT is hopelessly disjointed” (I lmao there) and it’s very true.

I do hope that some Non-Muslim readers check out these posts. I think it shows that Muslim women are just like every other woman and we also like to look pretty 🙂 While we may not stress about how our hair looks when leaving our homes, we definitely worry if our hijab has fallen just right. Since adopting hijab, I probably take longer with my scarf than I ever did with my hairstyle before, lol.

Enjoy this weeks hijab tutorial inspiration and DO check out scarfsweethoney site for more inspiration 🙂

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