MakeUp How-To: The Modern Red Lip

This how-to post is about recreating a look that I did for a shoot last year. It’s really simple with not too many finicky bits and should be manageable for a relative beginner to achieve.

The Look


Photo credit: Kass Photogrpahy
Makeup credit: me


  1. Prep your skin by massaging your moisturiser into your face.
  2. Apply a light-medium coverage foundation to even out your skin tone. (I used a MAC #190 and #188 brush to apply and blend). A BB Cream of CC Cream would be perfect for this.
  3. Apply a small amount of concealer beneath the eyes to counter any discolouration you may have. I used my fingers to apply and blend the concealer (I used MAC Studio Finish  mixed with some eye cream to balance the texture). I applied some concealer to the lids as well to even out any colour. I did not use moisturiser this time.
  4. Using a fluffy brush dust a light veil of translucent powder over the skin to set the foundation and concealer (don’t forget the eyes)
  5. Apply a medium brown matte-satin finish eye shadow in the crease and buff it out. You want to add a hint of definition.
  6. I filled in the brows using a warm, yellow-based brown matte shadow to create fullness and definition. I used a stiff angled brush to do this.
  7. For mascara, I applied 1-2 coats of volumizing mascara and concentrated it in the roots of the lashes.
  8. Using my finger, I applied a matte red lipstick (MAC Ruby Woo) to the lips and pressed the colour into the lips. Don’t forget to get the underside of your lips and use a light touch.


Super simple and not too complicated. You can choose to skip a step or technique if it feels too much for you. The key to this look is to work in very fine layers and keep everything very clean looking. This lip is a good example of a bitten lip or a stained lip. Check out my article about how to start wearing red lipstick.

What do you guys think? Is this look simple enough to achieve on your own? Or what would you need help with? Share some love in the comments below!

Suaad xoxo


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