You Don’t Have To Do Toning Exercise When You Use Nivea Body Firming Oil (Although We Probably Should)

Body Firming Oil is the latest addition of Q10 plus products available in the Nivea line. I’ve used Nivea products on and off over the years and am always pleased by their range. This product was no exception (even though I had my doubts.)

*This product was sent to me for review.


The oil comes in a 200ml plastic bottle. The bottle is a transparent gold colour with the lid being the characteristic blue associated with Nivea. It’s a pretty clean and sleek design that is right in line with the rest of the Nivea brand. No fancy bells and whistles, just straight to the point, no-nonsense.


The smell is lovely. It’s really clean and there is a hint of something that reminds me of Johnson’s Baby Cologne. Go figure. It’s reminiscent of flowers. We have the linalool and citronellol to thank for that.

What the box says:

This multipurpose body oil’s powerful formula is enriched with skin’s own coenzyme Q10 and Avocado Oil to firm and care for skin, delivering excellent results:

·        Firms skin in just 2 weeks

·        Keeps skin elastic

·        Helps smooth uneven skin tone

·        Soft skin feeling while massaging skin imperfections, such as stretch marks.

Recommended Usage:

At least twice a day (Really?)


The oil is a pale yellow colour which can again, be attributed to the linalool.


Not as oily as what you would expect. It’s nothing like Bio-Oil of baby oil for that matter. It’s a “dry” type of oil. Very nice.

My experience:

I’m always skeptical about oils. I’ve never liked using them on my body and no matter how little oil I would use in the past, it always made me feel way too greasy, gross and in need of another shower so imagine my happy surprise when this turned out to be different. I’ve mentioned before that it’s a “dry” oil and I suppose it’s because Avocado Oil is quite light in texture, so this is great news if you’re like me and seriously dislike using any oil on your body because oils generally being quite “heavy” to use. Reading the box and seeing “Use at least twice a day” I thought to myself “What?” Let’s be real, I’m sure there are very few of us out there who have the ability to use body oil thrice a day. I’m not really sure who’s going to be at the office only to skip out of a meeting to go and strip off in the bathroom to apply body oil. This seems a tad unrealistic. Never the less, by twice daily usage (and at times, even less) I saw some good results. My skin has been firmer, healthier looking and has a beautiful glow. It even feels softer to the touch and since winter has come to the Cape in a mad way, this body oil has been a welcome addition to my night-time routine (and when I can manage it first thing in the morning). If I combine it with proper diet and exercise, the results would be even better.

Notable Ingredients:

Avocado oil (emollient properties to retains skin’s moisture levels), Linalool and Citronellol (fragrance and colour).

Would I buy it again?

For sure, especially for the winter months, not too sure how I’ll feel about it during summer though.

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Purchase at:

Clicks, Dischem and Pick ‘n Pay storeS

Suaad xoxo


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  1. Ah cool review, especially since I just started using the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Oil and was thinking it was a nice alternative to body lotion. This one sounds good too! 🙂

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