Filorga Sleep Recover: it really is a good night’s sleep in a bottle

This brand always excites me and when I get sent one to review, I’m pretty darn happy. Since experiencing their BB Cream a few months ago, they quickly rented space in my heart. I mean, isn’t that what we would expect from Parisian brands?

*this product was sent to me for review.


It’s a sleek, no-nonsense bottle reminiscent of something to emerge from a lab. I think “Science” when I look at the bottle, it’s pretty cool. It has a pump lid that is hidden from view when it’s closed. You have to twist the top to dispense some of this dream in a bottle.IMG_7567 (Large)


Delicious, like fruit it’s definitely the kind of smell I like to have on my face, haha.

What the website says:

In 28 days SLEEP-RECOVER® erases all signs of tiredness

– 82% better rested skin*

– 77% enhanced skin radiance*

– 59% fewer tiredness lines*

– 59% reduction in under-eye shadows*

*Self-assessed clinical study conducted over 28 days by 22 volunteers aged between 25 and 55.


The lotion/cream is white in colour.


Like silk. The consistency is in-between a lotion and a cream and is very lightweight on the face without any greasiness. It’s delightful to apply.

My experience:

This is another one of those products that I’d like to sing the praises of (only this time it won’t be off-key). Where do I begin? It applies like a dream, it is smooth and glides on your skin and is absorbed super quickly. It is completely non-comodegenic and I haven’t experienced a single breakout because of it (which always pushes up a products rating in my book). Your skin completely drinks this product in and I could see immediate results. My skin instantly felt smoother and looked more taught and as it’s meant to be used beneath your night cream; it enhanced the application of my other skin care products. It’s almost like a primer for skin care, haha. As I’m using a range that targets dark spots (thanks acne) this product has really helped speed up the process. My skin looks brighter and more radiant and is softer to the touch. The discoloration beneath my eyes has also diminished and when I wake up in the morning, my skin isn’t puffy. I don’t have any “tired lines” so I can’t comment on that but this product has definitely helped my skin in other areas. I’m really thrilled 🙂IMG_7572 (Large)

Notable Ingredients:

Silk tree extract (to re-balance melatonin and regulate cell repair), horse chestnut extract (anti-inflammatory to reduce skin puffiness) and DERM SRC (boost production of Pro-Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid that treats tension related lines) and Filorga’s NCTF formula to redensify the skin, prevent signs of fatigue (from becoming permanent) and to reactivate the skin’s support fibres.

Would I buy it again?

You bet! This has been a great addition to my night-time skin care routine.

Retail Price:

R785 for 50ml

Purchase from:

Edgars and Red Square stores nationwide.

For stockist info, contact 021 567 1059. Follow them on Twitter: @FilorgaSA

Suaad xoxo