The Easiest Way To Lashes Is With Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara

The Beautiful Color range of products is the newest addition to the Elizabeth Arden family. I’ve reviewed an Arden product in the past, so do check out that post as well.

*This product was sent to me for review.


As one can expect from Elizabeth Arden, the packaging is beautiful. The mascara is housed in a 7ml/7g rectangular container and I really like that it has edges compared to the majority of cylindrical mascaras out there. It immediately makes me think that it’s expensive and filled with lash loving goodies. The mascara packaging is gold with a silver band around the top where the lid meets the bottle. On the lid is Arden’s signature red door logo. The packaging alone makes me excited to use it and I haven’t even gotten to the product use yet! It’s luxury.IMG_7485 (Medium)


The mascara has a fairly strong smell and something about it reminds me of the Gliss Keratin Shampoo, which is not a good thing. Seeing this is mascara, thankfully it’s far away from my nose and I’m not going to be sniffing it to get high on gorgeous scent. Thank goodness.

What the package insert says:

This multi-dimensional mascara immediately volumizes, lengthens and curls lashes. Powered by triple peptide complex, this clump free, flake free formula protects lashes and is proven to enhance lash length with continued use.

What the website says:

Immediate Impact: • The unique brush coats each individual lash for a longer, fuller, high volume look. • Lifts and separates lashes for dramatic definition. • Supports lashes, helping to hold the curl for an eye-opening effect. Long term benefits: • With continued use, the multi-benefit ingredient complex is proven to help support lashes natural renewal cycle so they look longer and thicker, while protecting lashes to help minimize lash loss. • Vitamin fortified peptides rich in amino acids, moisturize, condition and increase lash elasticity for healthy looking, bold lashes. • Won’t smudge, flake or clump.


This is a true black mascara. Not a very dark charcoal. It’s pitch black and that is Awesome (yes, with a capital “a”).


The texture is smooth and slightly thick to the touch. When I rubbed it between my fingers, there was an almost silicon feel to it and that’s not a bad thing.

IMG_7425 (Medium)


Hands down, one of the greatest mascara’s I have tried so far. It separates like a dream and it does not clump. I achieved full, long and separated lashes. It feels very light on the lashes and I would always forget that I was wearing any mascara. A lot of the time I feel that mascara is too heavy and my lashes fee weighted but not with this formulation. The product also lives up to claim of no flaking. By then end of the day my lashes looked as good as it did when I first applied without the dreaded black bits on my face and I was not attacked by dreaded Panda Eyes. (Panda Eyes are stealthy. Like ninjas. They strike without you knowing it). The drying time of this mascara was excellent and it cleaned off really easily.



Sometimes I didn’t even use makeup remover and simply washed it off it the shower (yes, I was being lazy). The brush is really fine and deposits the mascara from root to tip. This is a great brush if you want to only build up your lashes in the root so it’s great for achieving a very trend based lash a la SS/2013 (Northern Hemisphere). This mascara can easily be built up for a sexier lash look and is great if you want to wear only lashes. I don’t think I can sing the praises of this mascara enough. But I can try: la la la laaaa lalala lalalaaaa, ooooooh yeah! (yeah, it’s totally off-key). This is a fabulous all-round mascara.



Notable Ingredients:

Rice bran wax (lengthening properties. This is the 2nd ingredient after water), hydrogenated olive oil (increase product viscosity) and  acacia senegal gum (adhesive).

Would I buy it again?

In a freaken heartbeat. I’m in love. And I’d put it in my kit. If it comes in a waterproof formulation then I’d definitely use it on my bridal clients as well.

Retail Price:

R195 (and worth every penny).

Purchase at:

Edgars, Edgars Red Square and Foschini stores, nationwide.

Suaad xoxo


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