When A Born Capetonian Acts Like A Tourist: Kirstenbosch and my 28th Birthday

On Wednesday the 15th May I celebrated my 28th Birthday. Hip, hip hooray! For many years I’ve usually indulged in the long standing tradition of cake and tea with a bevvy of beloved friends and relatives around me amidst much laughter, joy and, well, noise. This year I decided it would be different. I really didn’t want all the headache and stress that accompanies such merriment and above all,I craved serenity. Thus when Zayd asked “what are we doing on your birthday?” I replied “nothing”. For those of you who’ve never met me personally, I am a social person and I love spending time with others BUT, above that, I’m really a loner. I always have been and it’s where I find solace. As an only child I guess it comes with the territory but the thing I cherish most is, well, I guess you could call it solitude. I’m an introvert at heart and spending time with a big group of people at a time is exhausting, so I said to Zayd that we can spend my birthday together, just the 2 of us. As my husband, he is my most favourite person in the world and we don’t get much chance to really be alone.

If you’ve visited the Cape, you may well have been to Kirstenbosch Gardens. What a beautiful place. It was and always will be one of my most favourite places to visit. The garden is huge and it’s a place where you need to spend an entire day to fully explore and appreciate it’s beauty. It’s nestled into Table Mountain and the terrain reflects that. There are tons of winding, magical pathways to explore and lush, fertile vegetation to admire in wonder. It’s a place where artists come to be inspired and they often have art painting or photographic exhibits. Dotted around the garden are sculptures in wood, granite, marble and other materials and on your walks you’ll come across these artistic gems. I like to think of them as the faerie folk of the garden.

We decided that lunch time would be the best time to go to Kirstenbosch as they have a lovely restaurant (and tea room) available for yummy eats. It surprised us to find a Moyo restaurant there. What a welcome surprise it was though! Moyo was originally found in Stellenbosch (they’re still there) and are an authentic African restaurant boasting a wide variety of delicious African dishes. You’ll find meats like ostrich, kudu and gemsbok on their menu. Gorgeous! Moyo seriously has some of the best wait staff I’ve ever encountered. Our waiter, Abi (pronounced Ah-bee), was a real gem. Ultra friendly, professional and we really felt looked after. Once we’d completed lunch, it was time to take a walk in the garden. I hope you guys enjoy the snaps I took of the day. Some on my DSLR and others on my phone 🙂


Moyo restaurant

IMG_7240 (Large)

Me 🙂

PicsArt_1368632937065 (Large)

Zayd taking a photo of me taking a photo of him 🙂

PicsArt_1368633307806 (Large)


PicsArt_1368633545406 (Large)

Traditional hand washing before the meal.

PicsArt_1368633651519 (Large)

Zayd getting his face painted.

2013-05-15 18.55.55 (Large)

Painted faces!

PicsArt_1368633460239 (Large)

This flatbread was divine. Omnomnomnom

2013-05-15 18.25.20 (Large)

Zayd’s kudu dish.

2013-05-15 18.26.05 (Large)

My beef dish with peppadew sauce. Abi even gave me the “recipe”!

PicsArt_1368633364167 (Large)

My beloved camera.


Guinea fowl

IMG_7269 (Large)

One of the many water features to be found.




A couple enjoying their time in nature 🙂

IMG_7332 (Large)

Pathways and stairs. It’s all there.

IMG_7340 (Large)

Wooden gorilla sculpture.

IMG_7351 (Large)

More water.

IMG_7318_1 (Large)

Flower. Wish I had a macro lens to properly capture its beauty.

IMG_7379 (Large)

I love how these look.

IMG_7384 (Large)

There was an exhibit of bonsai trees.

PicsArt_1368634855310 (Large)

My choccie gift basket from my sis-in-law, Zeenid.

Suaad xoxo


8 responses to “When A Born Capetonian Acts Like A Tourist: Kirstenbosch and my 28th Birthday

  1. Wow, what an amazing birthday experience! I’m happy for you, it’s so important to occasionally share special moments with your spouse. *jealous* 🙂 Kat

  2. Stunning photographs Suaad! It looks like you had an awesome birthday. And that choccie gift basket! *gasp* Me want!

    • Shukran Saara 😀 Yoh, that gift basket was freaken awesome! lol. And there were even Woolies choc gold coins in it *drool* needless to say, that gift basket is dead now. No longer in the land of the living 😉

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