Give Me Keratin And I’ll Repair your Hair: Schwarzkopf’s Gliss Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin

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A little while back, the girls at Beauty Bulletin sent over a hair care package for me to try out and one of the brands was Schwarzkopf. I’ve been using their pro range of hair styling products in my kit and it’s a brand I’ve been familiar with since childhood so naturally seeing it in my goodie bag was a nice surprise. This range of shampoo and conditioner claims to have 3x liquid keratin and it’s in Schwarzkopf’s repair range of products. This range is meant for those with dry, very damaged hair (which mine is not, really).


The shampoo and conditioner is housed in black and gold, 250ml plastic bottles with pop cap lids. The writing is gold and white and the bottles are streamlined to fit comfortably in the hand. If you keep it in the shower and the bottles are wet; it may slip from your hands if your hands are particularly soapy. The lids are easy to open and dispensing the product is easy.IMG_7396 (Large)


The smell is gross. It’s what I imagine a brewery to smell like and it’s quite off-putting. The conditioner isn’t as bad as the shampoo but even though the smell is less than rosey, it doesn’t linger in your hair. Your hair kind smells like nothing really. I think it’s the keratin in the products that give it that revolting smell. Even though I’ve used up almost all of the shampoo already, I’m still trying to get used to it.

What the bottle says:


  • Rebuilds the hair structure-up to 95% less hair breakage.
  • For more resistance and shine.


  • Perfect comb-ability and more resistance.
  • Rebuilds hair structure-up to 95% less hair breakage.


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Shampoo texture

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Conditioner texture

The shampoo is fairly liquid and not as thick as I expected. It has a nice pearlescent shine to it. The conditioner is the usual consistency you’d expect from a conditioner and white in colour. No surprises there.

My experience:

The shampoo is very gentle and cleanses your hair without the feeling that it’s being stripped of all its natural goodness. The conditioner can be a bit heavy for normal hair, so I generally use it more liberally through the shaft and ends of my hair and then whatever’s left over I’ll use in my roots. I’ve found that I my hair remains clean and shiny looking for 2-3 days and on day 4 it looks positively rank. Seeing as I usually only wash my hair twice a week (and don’t say gross. I don’t believe in over washing your hair and my hair doesn’t need to be washed every day or every other day as it’s quite thick) this is fine. Even though this range is for very dry hair I’ve found it works quite nicely with my hair type and texture and keeps it healthy looking. I’ve found that my hair is stronger and shinier so I guess it lives up to its promise.

Would I buy it again:

Begrudgingly, yes. I actually bought another bottle of shampoo on Saturday. I’ve been sitting on the fence about this product, mainly because of the smell but I can’t deny what’s it done for my hair *sigh*.

Retail price:

R52.99 for the 250ml bottles. (There are bigger volumes available for purchase)

Have you guys tried this range or any of Schwarzkopf’s other products? Do share your comments below!

Suaad xoxo


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  1. I tried this collection as well. Loved how it softened my hair but I could not stand the smell for some reason. I thought it was very strong, this kept me away to purchase it again (which is a shame because it’s really good stuff!).

    • I wish they would fix the smell issue, it’s pretty revolting. That’s why I was kinda upset when I purchased it again PURELY because of the smell.

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