Ponds BB Cream: review

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Ponds’ BB cream. Each guest was given a 25ml bottle to take home and try. Let me give you a rundown of some of the development:

·        It has been expertly designed.

·        It adapts to the skin tone and reduces dark marks.

·        92% of consumers find the idea of an spf30 in the product appealing.

·        It has GenActive Cover.

So how does this BB Cream work? Well it has Ponds’ patented GenActive formula and Super Optics with mineral pigments and is high in silicones. When the silicones evaporate throughout the day, you’re left with the optics (the “cheat” bit) and this is what creates the blurring effect of pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Image Source

Image Source

Want a quick science lesson? It won’t take long 🙂

Everything we see is light bouncing off a surface. When light bounces off in one direction it creates a crisp, clear and sharp image. When light reflects in an uneven manner, the image is fuzzy and blurred. This is diffusion.

Now picture light reflecting off a blemish in a uniform manner. That means you have a very clear image of that blemish, not cool. You want diffusion. You want the blemish to optically appear diminished. That’s what the BB cream does. It tricks the brain into seeing an even skin tone. Now while this is all good and well, we have surface layer benefits what about the basal layer? The very most bottom layer of the skin where the cells regenerate and copy themselves to eventually become the top layer of skin. Well, Ponds BB cream claims to work all the way through to the basal layer and by incorporating Vitamin B3 in their GenActive COVER formula, this works to reduce pigmentation to slowly decrease it over time.

What is Ponds GenActive COVER formula? It’s a mixture of Vitamin E and B3, Allantoin (to soothe and soften) and Super Optics to brighten the skin. Ponds’ BB Cream forms part of their Flawless Radiance range, of which I am a fan.

Ok, so I’ve dished out all the scientific bits and that’s great, but you may be wondering what I think of the product, technical stuff aside.

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The Review

Well, I’ve been using it for about 10 days now and it’s the first BB cream I’ve been able to use with moisturiser. Usually a Bb cream is greasy enough to use on its own (see my Garnier review here) but Ponds has a great texture that allows me to use my own moisturiser and yet still not look greasy at the end of the day. The texture is thicker, creamier and more pigmented than a tinted moisturiser. It gives a lovely sheer to medium coverage and with my oily skin, still keeps me matte looking (more matte looking than the Filorga BB Cream that I reviewed here). It smoothes on my skin really well and I see quite a big difference. Right now, I’ve been dealing with a lot of breakouts, so while it does not cover them (as they’re significant) it softens the look of my breakouts and my minor imperfections are basically hidden. If I had to add concealer to my prominent blemishes then I would be golden.ponds swatch

It wears really light on the skin and after a day’s wear; I don’t feel the need to totally scrub my face clean. While I cannot vouch for any of the deeper benefits yet, the superficial stuff is spot on. I’ve readily incorporated the BB cream into my daily skin care regimen and it’s a nice addition to my Ponds routine. It also blends PERFECTLY into my skin tone. I’ve found that other BB creams tend to err a bit on the pink side.

The packaging is pretty, the product has very little smell (which is great) and it looks pretty on my dressing table. When my 25ml freebie is finished, I’ll be stopping by my local Clicks or Dischem to pick up some more. (I’m using the shade in Beige)

Suaad xoxo


6 responses to “Ponds BB Cream: review

  1. I have a combination and very sensitive skin.is ponds bb cream will work for me

    • My skin is also really sensitive,and so is my mom’s and so far neither of us have had any issue. My skin reacts to products in the form of breakouts and thankfully, I haven’t experienced it with this product 🙂 I do hope it works for you 🙂 Perhaps ask for a tester and wear it for a day to see what happens?

  2. Hi Suaad, thanks for the BB info. Just a note, 25ml is the actual size not only a trial size! It kind of put me off as my beloved Garnier BB is 75ml, which means it’s over triple the price if you compare. After this review I’m tempted to give it a try though…

    • Your welcome Shafeeqa 🙂 Gosh, I didn’t realise that is the full size, lol. didn’t check my facts there, woops! Garnier is good if it’s for a dry skin, it was waaay too oily for me to use that’s why the Ponds Bb cream is great for my skin. I think it may be a bit too dry for a dryer skin to use, unless you moisturise really well beneath it though 🙂 If you do try it out, do let me know how it went 🙂

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