Acting Like a Tourist in My Hometown: Cape Point (and my anniversary)

Hi everyone!! Gosh, how I’ve missed you guys! These past few weeks have been up and down with illness and stuff and it’s not been fun. Anyhow, I’m back (hooray!) and I want to share this personal post with you guys 🙂

Yesterday (April 8th) Zayd and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. We made it! lol. 7 years is a milestone anniversary so we decided to take a drive to Cape Point and spend a few hours in nature. I’m sure most of you guys have heard that Cape Point is the Southern most tip of Africa and that it is where the 2 oceans meet. Well, that’s a lie. A well perpetrated lie but a lie none the less. Cape Agulhas is the Southern most tip and that is REALLY where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. And they even teach such erroneous “truth” to us at school. Anyhow, deceit aside, it was an awesome day and the weather was great. The colder months are my favourite, so it was lovely to be out and about with a slight nip in the air and beautiful scenery all around. I took some photos and have decided to share them with you guys. Enjoy 🙂


IMG_6812 (Large)


IMG_6836 (Large)


IMG_6827 (Large)


IMG_6897 (Large)


IMG_6818 (Large)


IMG_6899 (Large)


IMG_6804 (Large)


IMG_6782 (Large)


IMG_6911 (Large)







Oh yes, before I forget, there is an offer running with Table Mountain National Park for Capetonians. You purchase the WILD CARD and it grants your FREE access to any Table Mountain National Park for a full year. You can contact them on 0861 469 453 or check out their website here.

Suaad xoxo


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  1. Beautiful pics Masha Allah….haven’t been to Cape Point in years. The baboons totally freak me out. LOL

  2. Suaad, the photos are beautiful. They really capture the serenity and harshness of mother nature. Wonderfully taken.

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