HIjab Look Post #2 Square Hijab

Square hijabs have always been such a tricky thing for me and I was surprised to find out that many other Muslimah’s have the same issue as well (who knew?). After checking out some YouTube tutorials, alhamdulillah, they’re actually not that tricky to figure out any more, lol. I guess that with the longer pashmina’s and such, they’re easier to style because of having more fabric or the rectangle is just an easier shape to work with, it differs for everyone. Anyhoo, here are some square hijab looks for you guys and some YouTube tutorial links, hooray!

Image Source

Image Source

Check out Itsdewineelam's video tutorial here. She shows us 3 styles

Check out Itsdewineelam’s video tutorial here. She shows us 3 styles

ALZ786UK is another channel that I visit pretty regularly for hijab styles and she’s done a video, here, on sqaure hijabs including a turkish style 🙂

Turkish style hijab. Image Source

Turkish style hijab. Image Source

I hope this helps out when it comes to wearing a seemingly tricky square hijabs 😀 Alhamdulillah, I wear my square hijabs now and they’re no longer sitting in my drawer crying out to me “please wear me!”.

Suaad xoxo

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  1. I found amazing square scarves at the Indian Expo yesterday, yippee!!! Perfect timing – so excited to try out these styles

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