Parabens: Are we just being paranoid?


Parabens, parabens everywhere. I’m surprised that we haven’t all developed mob mentality and run through the streets smiting everything in our path due to our outrage at the evil beauty companies and their wicked parabens.

Now while we’ve all heard that parabens cause cancer and that they’re totally bad for our health and that we’re all going to die if we use them but yet, did you know that statement of parabens causing cancer was retracted due to there being no scientific proof? Did you know that there were absolutely no clinical studies performed to prove that parabens=cancer? I found that pretty interesting and it made me rethink the entire paraben paranoia.

Emmy award winning makeup artist, KJ Bennett, has written a though provoking article about said parabens and it’s worth a read. So ladies, do check out the article here and let me know what you guys think.

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7 responses to “Parabens: Are we just being paranoid?

  1. Can’t believe I didn’t see this post before. I always check the ingredients anyway just because I prefer to use more organic products if I can. There are a lot of other things I try to avoid like sodium laureth sulfate etc.
    What I use on my face is: olive oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and handmade olive oil soap from Palestine that I absolutely love and have never found anywhere else.
    Obviously I don’t use it all at once or anything like that but it works magic on my skin rather than using facial washes with harsh chemicals.

    Also, I didn’t know you did my cousin’s wedding makeup! [Rizqah Emeran] I loved the lipstick you used,such a vibrant,pretty pink.Do you remember the name?

    When I visit Cape Town I’d like to stop by, insha Allah. Where are you situated?

    • Oh my gosh, it’s a small world! lol. I travel around cape town as needed, but when you’re here, do drop me a mail and we can hook up no problem 🙂

      where did you find the olive oil soap? It sounds amazing!

      • Haha, yup, very small. I’ll be sure to message you closer to the time 🙂
        And I got the olive oil soap as a gift. Some stores sell it but it isn’t the same, it seems more like clay. The one I have is handmade from a farm in Palestine, so not sure how I’ll get it again. We have Palestinians neighbors who are very kind so they give these little things that are from their families over there.

        • Oh wow, that’s amazing 🙂 have you tried looking for it online? Although, if it’s from a little farm, there may not be a website 😦 Try to persuade your neighbours to get you some more, lol.

  2. Your welcome, I am a Medical Anthropologist, this is my line of work. I like to remind people that what what you put on your body, your eating. Lotions, shampoo, soap, laundry soap….. if you can’t eat it or if it is not 100% biodegradable we should not use it. I post these types of articles daily on Twitter and FB and the best ones get on LinkedIn, you can find me here:

    • Wow! Thanks for the great link. As a society, we are very unhealthy and we lead very stressful lives. We need to take stock of our physical, mental and spiritual health before we go off the rails. We should take care of our minds, hearts and bodies as it’s the only one we have and we should stop putting ourselves through so much abuse. Even 10 minutes of exercise a day can be beneficial,stopping smoking (which I’ve just done, yay!),drinking less, eating more wholesome foods and and and. The list is endless. Thanks for the eye opening article ❤

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