When Bronzer Attacks!

We all appreciate beautifully bronzed skin. While I am not someone who likes to tan or even be tanned, I know there are tons of people out there who are and do and that’s great too 🙂

This post is in no way about how to apply bronzer or self-tan but acts more as a cautionary tale. I don’t know why I decided to do this post but it may have to do with a memory of when I was still working at MAC. It was a quiet day in the store and my manager at the time asked me to please help “the lady in the orange”. I turned around to find one person in the store, not wearing orange clothes but orange skin. She also told me that it was her natural skin colour. Sure it is. Or it may have to do with the girl I saw at the beach, who’s leathery brown skin she continued to slather in baby oil. She was only about 22 years old.

You’ll see guido’s and guidettes(I HATE Jersey Shore btw. There has never been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy), celebs who got beat up by their bronzer (or their makeup artist hates them) and the sun worshiping, tan addicts.

I think this pic speaks for itself.Image Source

I think this pic speaks for itself.
Image Source

Urgh, anything jersey Shore related makes me wanna scratch my eyes out.Image Source

Oros man orange glow? Check. Duck face? Check. Totally unnatural and  related to the Jersey Shore? Check
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Yeah baby. Fake and bake!Image Source

Yeah baby. Fake and bake!
Image Source

sometimes bad bronzing does happen to good people. Be wary!Image Source

sometimes bad bronzing does happen to good people. Be wary!
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Bras and Brohskies. But WTF people?!Image Source

Bras and Brohskies. But WTF people?!
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This makes me sad.Image Source

This makes me sad. Please don’t ever. It’s the internet. This will never die. And your children will be ashamed.
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7 responses to “When Bronzer Attacks!

  1. I cant stop laughing. The pictures are hilarious. I agree with chicdreamer. Why cant we be satisfied with the skin color we got ? the whites wanting to become dark, the darks wanting to become tan, the browns becoming orange ?? whats next ?? indigo ?? (no discrimination intended)

    • Lol@indigo. No worries, I doubt anyone would feel that was discriminatory. We humans are never satisfied with what we’ve been Blessed with, sadly it’s always more, more, more 😦 Lets celebrate our uniqueness and luv the skin we’re in 😀

  2. I think it’s so funny how before everyone wanted white skin, the lighter the better and now everything is about the tan. Can’t we just appreciate our own skin color.

    • I know, right? Bronzed skin was a sign of the working class, lol. Ridiculous. I think I’m an NC30 all year round (I may go down to a 25 in winter though, but not always). This obsession with skin colour is crazy and I agree, we should be grateful and thankful for the skin we have and count our blessings 🙂

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