The Bridal Emergency Kit


Are your nuptial’s impending? Are you a maid of honour? Are you the wedding planner? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then take heed! We all know that wedding’s can quite stressful and that there are times when we’ll encounter a slip up. This little kit should help cover your bases in case anything does go wrong. Presenting: THE BRIDAL EMMERGENCY KIT!

This little kit puts together all your knick-knacks you may need on the day. Simply have the maid of honour look after this little treasure and have it on her at all times. Accidents happen and you want to be prepared.

  1. Your lipstick: The lip colour that you use on your wedding day needs to be close at hand as touch ups are necessary. You eat, you drink, you kiss and your lipstick disappears. Have your on hand.
  2. You favourite perfume: Perfume may fade and if you or your groom are smokers (lets be real here) you will want to step into you reception smelling gorgeous and not iffy.
  3. Small can of hairspray: Fly-aways may occur especially if the day is windy.
  4. Antihistamines: For sinus, congestion and headaches. You do not want to be walking around with a banging headache or runny nose on your special day.
  5. Headache tablets: For the same reason.
  6. Gel inner soles: Try to wear these immediately as those gorgeous shoes of yours may have your feet hurting by the time you get to your reception. It’s a long day. Put the gel soles on.
  7. Tissues: Something may spill or someone may cry. Sans tissues does not a happy day make.
  8. Plasters: Sometimes your shoes may pinch or cut into your Achilles tendon, plasters will help ease the discomfort. Little kids may fall and scrape themselves so best have some plasters on hand.
  9. Spare bobby pins: Sometimes hair does come undone so keep some bobby pins in the appropriate hair colour on hand.
  10. Travel sized hair spray: To tame any fly-aways that may occur, especially if it’s windy.
  11. Baby powder: the talc helps absorb sweat so rub it all over your body before getting dressed and keep it in the emergency kit. It also helps with water marks and removes stains. Win!
  12. A pocket sewing kit: Make sure it has the colours you need (especially white) as well as some threading needles and a small scissors.
  13. Masking tape: Handy for any hems that may come undone.
  14. Safety pins: Wardrobe ‘malfunctions’ can happen (we’ve seen this too often on the red carpet). Keep them in a variety of sizes.
  15. Stockings: Instead of repairing the ladder, simply replace.
  16. A list of phone numbers: The bride should not be worrying about who is where and how to get hold of them. People get lost. Keep the numbers.
  17. Pack of dried fruit/nuts: Nerves may get in the way of you eating, so keep some nutritious and energy boosting snacks on hand.

Suaad xoxo

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