Bridal Beauty Bootcamp:Prepping for your Big Day

Bridal Beauty Prep

You’re getting married. The Big Day is on its way and you’re sorting out your cake, the venue, the band, your dress, the menu and and and. Stop for a moment and take a deep breath. In all the preparation surrounding your Special Day, a lot of us tend to forget to look after ourselves and our beauty treatments. Your wedding is the one time you can truly spoil yourself without having to feel guilty and guess what, the spoiling can start a few months before and not just the week before. Hooray!

6 Months Before:coffee-stains-your-teeth-avoid-before-wedding-day-or-big-function

Start by cutting down on foods and beverages that will stain your teeth. According to Martha Stewart Living, if it can stain your clothes it can stain your teeth. Start by reducing your intake of coffee, red wine, blueberries, soy sauce and cherries.

Visit the dermatologist if necessary. You’ll need these few months for your body to adjust to any medications you may need and for them to make a noticeable difference.

4 Months Before:feet-pedicure-before-wedding-day-event

Let’s do some foot work. Now is the time to start really looking after your feet. Get yourself a pumice stone and gently slough off any dead skin. Add a foot scrub to exfoliate your feet and slather them in a richly hydrating moisturizer. Pop on some cotton sock and allow your feet to soak in the goodness. Do this treatment weekly but don’t forget to moisturize your feet daily.

3 Months Before:

It’s time to up your intake of wholesome foods. Vitamin E rich foods protect your skin cells from aging as well as from UV Light. E.g almonds and sunflower seeds. Flavanols reduce roughness in your skin thus improving the texture. You can find this in dark chocolateOmega 3 rich foods reduce spots, decrease clogged pores and deter fine lines and wrinkles (yes please!). Get your dose through salmon and flaxseeds. Dark leafy veggies (which are rich in Vitamin A) promote skin repair and because of their water content, penetrate the cell membranes and thus you’re left with plumper, more youthful looking skin. Stock up on canned tuna as the selenium helps to preserve elastin (which is the protein that keeps skin smooth and tight). Lastly: water. We’re all aware of how important it is to get our 6-8 (or 8-10) glasses a day. Water flushes toxins from our bodies, regulates our body functions and prevents dehydration and dehydrated skin is visibly aged and dry. Not something we’d want on our Big Day.

3 Months to 1 Month Before:

Whiten your smile, baby! Whether you choose to go to the dentist or use over the counter products, now is the time to get that mega watt smile. If you’re opting for the dental visit, save this step for a month before your wedding. For over the counter products, start your program 3 months before. A word to the wise (and this is from personal experience) please be aware that the increase in fluoride will make your teeth sensitive but bite through it (haha “bite”) it’s worthwhile for your pictures at the end of the day.

2 Months Before:

Ah, those dreaded dark circles. Doesn’t it annoy you to no end? No fear, it’s time to get those babies under control. Start adding a light reflecting and dark circle reducing eye cream. Do try the Ponds Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream.

1 Month Before:

Have a deep conditioning hair treatment and a haircut. There’ll be enough time for your hair to grow out and still look amazing on your wedding day.

If you’re no stranger to the spa scene, book yourself a facial and allow yourself to be pampered. Any breakouts that may occur will have cleared up by your wedding day. You can continue having a weekly facial until a week before your wedding day or alternatively give yourself an at home facial. Expert Village on YouTube have a great series on how to do an at home facial.

1 Month to 2 Weeks Before:

Gosh, your Big Day is almost here. Excitement and Nerves are the order of the day and the time for you to have your trials has arrived. Book your hair and makeup trial on the same day so that you’re able to see the how well suited the styles are for one another and it gives you enough time to change your mind about styles (or artist but this is best done a month before) without feeling too pressured to choose something you don’t absolutely love. You can also visit your favourite salon to get highlights or a full head of colour. Be careful not to have too drastic a change as tempting as it may be.

3 Weeks Before:

If your décolletage and shoulders are going to be exposed now is the time for some body exfoliation. Use a gentle face scrub on your décolletage area and a regular body scrub on your body and be sure to moisturize everywhere. When moisturizing your torso be sure to use firm, upward strokes and to apply your body lotion immediately after your bath/shower. Your pores will be open, allowing you to really maximise the benefits of your lotion.If you went for your facial 1 month before you should be continuing with your facial routine now. If not, book yourself a facial at your favourite spa and allow yourself to relax and unwind.

By now you should have your gorgeous wedding shoes and it’s time to break them in.breaking-in-your-shoes-before-your-wedding

1 Week Before:

Skip salty foods. A high content of salt can lead to bloating and puffiness.

2 Days Before:

Get your eyebrows done. Whether you prefer tweezing, waxing or threading now is the time. Irritated skin does not take makeup products well so this is the optimal time.

1 Day Before:

Mani and Pedi time!

Wedding Day:

Moisturize an hour before you slip in to your dress to allow your moisturizer to completely sink in and to avoid any residue getting on your dress. If you’re going to apply some body shimmer, your skin needs to dry to avoid the shimmer product (if it’s a dry product) from sticking to your skin.

Exfoliate your lips to stop your lipstick from “grabbing” onto flaky skin.

Wear a lipstick that has a creamy texture. The light that reflects off the lipstick makes your smile appear brighter. Alternatively you can wear a lip gloss as the same concept applies.

And there you go. Quite a long list but I do hope that it helps. Have I missed anything out? Will you be using this list for your impending nuptials? Do share our thoughts!

Suaad xoxo

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