Makeup Rant: why so few matte shadows?!

This is a random post and it’s something that has bugged me for so freaken long. WHY ARE THERE SO FEW MATTE SHADOWS AVAILABLE?!

Once upon a time, in an era not too far from our own, matte shadows were a common find. What happened? Metallic, glimmery, shimmery eyeshadows are beautiful but it’s as if the cosmetic industry is trying to strangle us with shimmer, shimmer, shine, shine all the time and I’m sick of it! While brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Kryolan and Inglot etc have mattes available what about the drug store brands? Yes, I’m aware that Revlon and Maybelline have brought out some mattes (Maybellines quality was nothing short of crappy, sorry) I still feel we are a ways away from proper balance (in the Force?) of textures in the cosmetics industry.

Why is this such a problem for me? Well, I like to mix textures when I do makeup. I find it more dynamic and interesting to look at and I wish, with all my heart that cosmetics houses would do more mattes. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for products as I only use pro brands in my kit, but what about other women?  The one’s who can’t afford it? Isn’t it unfair to them? Every woman should be able to feel and look fab, no matter her budget.

So, cosmetics houses, hear me out. More mattes for the masses! (did you like my alliteration there?)

Suaad xoxo

PS, the brands I’ve mentioned were just off the top of my head and I’m sure there are other brands who do them but they’re not available in South Africa 😦


3 responses to “Makeup Rant: why so few matte shadows?!

  1. Thank you Suaad!! NYX, for example, has great looking matte singles, but they are not available in SA. Why can’t I find a ‘drugstore’ matte taupe? My MAC mattes stay in my kit… What about me?

    • Your welcome Charlene! Yeah, what a bummer that the NYX mattes aren’t available in SA 😦 womp womp wooomp. Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drugstore matte taupe! Preposterous! We need to start a “Mattes for the Masses” movement! It shall be a revolution! lol

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