Spring/Summer 2012 Hair Trends

Last week we took a look at the fabulous and wearable makeup trends for Spring/Summer and what are makeup trends without hair trends? From beautifully feminine braided ‘dos to the simplicity of a ponytail, let’s check out what the runways had in store for us.

Braids as seen at Valentino

Braids as seen at Valentino

Sophisticated Braids as seen at Valentino

Ah, braids. The whimsy, the femininity, the stylishness, the fashion forward. How I love braids. In fact, I’m wearing my hair in a side swept Dutch braid right now. While this look may seem complicated to pull off, there are easier methods of achieving it. And if the milk-maid look isn’t for you (I wear my hair like this often in summer) then try out some of the myriad of easier braided styles out there.

Try it:

Apply a frizz taming serum to your hair.

Rough dry your hair with a round barrelled brush.

Apply a light misting oh hairspray to and through your tresses.

Section your hair down the middle creating 2 sections.

Braid section 1 and the braid section 2. You should now have to braided pigtails.

Loosen the braids by pulling on them gently.

Bring section 1 around your head and pin in place.

Do the same for section 2.

Apply another light misting of hairspray.


Sleek chic. Ponytails, saving bad hair days since forever.

Sleek chic. Ponytails: saving bad hair days since forever.

Ponytails as seen at Temperley London

Ponytails have been the saving grace hairstyle for bad hair days probably since the beginning of time. Ponytails are effortless and chic and bang on trend.

Try it:

Apply a frizz taming serum to your hair.

Blow dry hair with a round barrelled brush and flicking the hair under.

Brush hair up using a paddle brush. Make sure that the back of your head has been brushed neatly.

Secure with a band.

Take a piece of hair from beneath your ponytail and wrap it around the visible band. Secure with a bobby pin.

Mist hair lightly with hair spray and smoothen out any fly-aways.


Effortlessly cool at Giambatissta Valli

Paradoxical hair at Giambattista Valli

Glisetening hair as seen at Giambattista Valli

This simple hairdo uses contrasting hair texture to achieve its uniqueness. The juxtaposition of wet and dry. Tre chic.

Try it:

Rough dry you hair with a large barrelled brush.

Apply a frizz taming serum to the ends of your hair.

Brush your hair back and apply hair gel that has been worked into your hands.

Apply gel to half of your head leaving hair from the nape of your neck down, gel free.

Using a brush or comb, comb the gel through your hair.

OPT: apply light mist of light hold hair spray to un-gelled hair.


Effortless chic at Calvin Klein

Effortless chic at Calvin Klein

Urban Waves as seen at Calvin Klein

This trend screams “Beach Babe!”. The unfussy but polished look adds a casual air to the summer’s day.

Try it:

Blow dry hair with a round barreled brush.

Using a curling tongs of flat iron, add curls to the hair to create texture.

Apply a frizz taming serum to your hands and work it through the hair, pulling the curls out as you go.

Finish with a misting of medium-firm hold hairspray to and through your hair.


There you have it ladies, the hottest hair to wear in the hottest weather! Which one is your favourite? Which one was the easiest to achieve?

Please note that as one will need to use hot tools to achieve these looks, please don’t forget to use a heat protecting spray 🙂

Suaad xoxo

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