Inglot Colour Play Mascara

Finally! The revival of colour mascara!

I’d recently watched a tutorial on youtube and the artist spoke about his luv for Navy mascara. And it hit me. Navy mascara. How AWESOME! And that sealed the deal for need to own one 🙂

Anyhow, one Friday night I walked in to Inlgot and checked out the Colour Play Mascara’s. Wow. Its 8.5ml of fab! The brush reminds me a little bit of Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara, only a bit more dense, which is great as I really don’t like the Great Lash mascara brush. Eew. Anyways, one of the lovely artists in the store applied the Colour Play in 05 (which is navy) to my lashes and although it seemed a little bit too blue, once it settled it looked lovely. They seemed to make my medium brown eyes sparkle!

Navy Blue is the New Black,dahling

Navy Blue is the New Black,dahling

I have happily added it to my kit and it makes a very welcome addition as opposed to black, black, black mascara all the time.

Colour Play mascara’s come in 5 different colours.

01 is Brown

02 is Green

03 is Blue

04 is Purple

05 is Navy

Look at all the colours, so pretty.

Look at all the colours, so pretty.

I’m pretty sure the next Colour Play addition to my kit is going to be 04. Although it’s called Purple, it’s more Indigo 🙂

A shout out to the WONDERFUL ladies at Inglot Canal Walk. Thanks for always being super friendly, helpful and professional at all times and for providing me with honest answers when I need them. You girls are awesome!

Suaad xoxo

Want to know how to wear colour mascara? Check out a video by Lisa Eldridge or read my article about it 🙂