How to wear coloured mascara (and not look like ’80s trash)

My last post was about Inglot’s Colour Play mascara. So fab! If you haven’t rushed to a store to check it out yet, you should 🙂

A lot of women would wonder how on earth to wear it though! Yes, the blue and green are pretty out there, but treat it the same as you would a statement lip colour. Keep your makeup very subtle and play with the nuances of

Can be a sweet statement

Can be a sweet statement

highlight and shading and pair that with bold lashes and a neutral lip. Very pretty. Better yet, wear it with velvet or matte skin. If you’re afraid of those super bold colours, try 04 or 05. They’re darker colours and when the settle in the lash, tend to go a bit darker so they’re not as noticeable. Those colours you could wear with slightly more makeup or a smokier eye.

Still a bit bright for you? Try mixing it with your usual black mascara to add depth. If you’re mixing 04 or 05 with black, you’d still get hints of purple or blue without it being too intense.

Blue mascara looks great on everyone and really makes the eyes pop and purple adds a wonderful sparkle to green, blue, hazel and brown eyes. Green mascara may let your lashes appear shorter, so tread with caution if you’re a shorter lashed gal.

Colour mascara with a slightly smokier eye

Colour mascara with a slightly smokier eye

Remember that your lashes are the focus, so you don’t want to overpower your look with lots of makeup and colour, colour, colour everywhere. Perfect your skin. Your skin needs to look beautiful when wearing coloured mascara. This is by no means a natural look, so spend some time making your visage as beautiful as possible. This will be the most chic way of wearing mascara colours that have long since been synonymous with the word “tacky”. It need not be so!

Have fun and happy experimenting!

Suaad xoxo

Check out a video by Lisa Eldridge on her take to wear colour mascara or read my review on Inglot’s Color Play Mascara.


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