What is it about us women?


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m so blessed to be able to meet and work with some amazing women and I luv and appreciate how we laugh and chat and discuss our lives. It’s such a sisterly bonding moment and my clients (past and present) become so much more than clients,they become my friends.

As much as we joke and share in the good times there is always a darker cloud that eventually shows it’s face and it’s face is insecurity. It makes me so sad. Why is it, as women, we cannot just love ourselves with all our perceived imperfections? I mean, I have these insecurities as well, I’m not totally immune to them and as I get to work in such personal proximity to my clients the sense of mild (to deep) self loathing appears. “Urgh, my skin is so terrible” or “why is my nose so big?” And for each of these women, I don’t see anything wrong.

These ghosts that haunt these strong, successful and beautiful women follow them everywhere. And when I tell them that the things they think they see, I don’t see I get the feeling that they don’t really believe me. Truth is, I really DON’T see them.

Consider an 18 year old, attractive girl who’s makeup I am doing for her matric farewell. Her skin is nothing short of gorgeous and yes, she had a MINOR pimple or 2 (I needed a magnifying glass to see them!) and I couldn’t believe it when she said that her skin was terrible! I’m in the middle of an awful breakout at the moment and am looking forward to the day it finally clears and I know for a fact that this girl has never experienced acne before, could not understand this train of thought. She’s beautiful! And then I think, what happened to us women? When did we allow these little niggles to grow in to full blown insecurities? And why do we accept these insecurities? Shouldn’t we , as women, accept that we are beautiful and smart without the negativity? How did we justify this acceptance? It’s simply not on!

Pregnant  woman with money. Family budget.

Pregnant woman with money. Family budget. (Photo credit: SalFalko)

As women, I believe we should truly be there for one another and educate and support our sisters. It doesn’t matter if we’ve only just met one another, we owe it to each other and to ourselves. Aren’t we all just trying to be better people? Picking up your sister means that one day, someone else will be there to help pick us up, brush us off and remind us how to move on 🙂

Suaad xoxo

PS I know it may seem counter intuitive to do a post such as this, but these issues need to be discussed 🙂 Share your thoughts!