The Oil Cleansing Method and how it totally did not work for me

I was doing some research on natural skin care methods a while back and came across the Oil Cleansing Method (or OCM). As someone who has had problems with acne for the last 12 years (yes, 12. That’s my entire primary and high school career!),the promise of beautiful, radiant and completely clear skin somehow appealed to me. This wonderous method of cleansing piqued my interest just enough to make me run out to buy all the necessary ingredients. It’s not like I wasted any money or time or effort or anything. Oh wait, sorry, I did.

English: Photo of the bottle of ultra premium ...

English: Photo of the bottle of ultra premium olive oil lambda (1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea is based on elementary chemistry. Like dissolves like i.e oil dissolves oil. There’s a great post on Crunchy Betty, here, about it. So after mixing up varying quantities and changing up the ratios to get them just right and sticking to it for 2 months and experiencing horrendous,cystic breakouts (of which I’m still not completely clear of) I decided to quit. I gave up,threw in the towel and wanted to have a good cry. For months before, I had changed to a skin care brand that did everything I wanted it to do and I totally put myself back by at least a year or 2. Do you feel my pain?

But there is a silverlining. The surplus of oils I now have? I simply use them in my hair for deep conditioning 🙂 That’s another post altogether though. So if you’re thinking about trying this method, I’d say proceed with caution. The interweb is full of success stories (as well as failures, womp womp woooomp).

Have you tried this method before? Let me know!

Suaad xoxo