Must have makeup item

Liquid liner. It is my number 1 makeup item and I go to it time and time again. It’s the item that gives me the most joy in applying. Even on an unmade up face, the look is striking, elegant and classic. It can be worn with anything. Think jeans and a t-shirt with liquid liner: awesome. It is one of the most perfect accessories to an outfit or look.

Liner is so versatile and there is a liner look for everyone. Whether you like to wear it hugged in to your lash line, graphic, smudged, winged or deconstructed, there is something for everyone. Think of liner as the statement piece of makeup. What a statement bag, jewellery or shoe is to fashion, liner is to makeup. Can I make myself any more clear on how much I LUV this product?!

If you’re scared about using the original thin, wobbly brush, no fear my lovelies. There are tons of different formulations, products and techniques out there to suit you. Happy lining ladies!

Suaad xoxo

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