This business of me blogging about my business

Hi everyone!

Ok, so I’m sure that there are usually a bunch of nerves surrounding the flagship post and the fact that my palms are sweating and my heart is beating a mile a minute and that have a thousand and one thoughts running through my head about “I’m SO ready to start my blog” vs ” What are your DOING?!” vs “You’ve been doing this a while” and “No-one wants to hear your drivel, woman!” makes me laugh at myself and feel that after the months of blogging research I’ve done (yes, I researched starting a blog and the more you read my posts, the more you’ll realize that I like to do research, lol) has set me up for today’s post. Little did I realize the thoughts of impending doom t hat would be running around my thoughts, ha!

So, dear reader, what is my reason for blogging? What is this need for this blogging journey? What is the meaning of it all? Aaaah, the existential horror! πŸ˜‰ Really, I want another means of creative outlet and I would like to share to my makeup artistry and hairstyling journey with you. I’d like to get excited about products, trends, skin care tips and findings with you. I’d like us to laugh at some crazy moments and be thankful for the wonderful ones. And I’d like to share my journey of building my artistry brand with you.

So grab a cup of tea (mmmmm, tea) ,get comfy and lets gab about those girly stuff we like so much!

Suaad xoxo

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